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  • RMC-1E


    RMC-1E is an entry-level 1U appliance chassis with 15” depth for space-sensitive applications, such as Network & Security appliance, firewall, VPN, Telephony and military applications. Standard ATX size (9.6” x 12”) motherboard can be populated into this appliance chassis. RMC-1E is a cost-effective appliance chassis that provide lower TCO (total cost of ownership) to IT professionals for higher ROI. (Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-1L


    BTO Reference Model

    RMC-1L is designed for entry-level File Server or Web Server where basic storage configuration is needed. It is also an ideal solution for high performance computing using Dual Xeon or Opteron based server boards.  (Power supply is optional. Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-1T


    BTO Reference Model

    RMC-1T is an ideal entry-level server platform supports Single P4 and SSI CEB Compliant Dual Xeon motherboard by adjusting the fan bar. Short depth makes it ideal for appliance application also.  (Power supply is optional. Motherboard is not included.)