Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

The advent of affordable, high-quality and unobtrusive video cameras has led to a revolution in video surveillance. Companies are finding that setting up a video surveillance system gives them the peace of mind they need regarding the safety of their property, inventory, employees and visitors.

However, many organizations only retain their surveillance footage for a short period because of limited storage capacity. It's understandable that companies delete video captured from their security cameras periodically, but sometimes crimes are not detected for quite a while. For that reason, it is important to archive more footage for longer periods.

Investigators could use the archived footage to detect unusual patterns, such as strangers appearing to case out the premises or even unusual movements by employees who are in collusion with criminals. Such investigations are not possible when you have to keep discarding the oldest to make room for new video files in a low-capacity system.

To that end, AIC has developed storage server products that support anywhere from 4 bays to 60 bays, along with JBOD storage products that easily scale to expand the capacity of servers that are currently deployed.

You can choose from server storage products with fewer drive bays (giving you more distributed computing power) and high-density storage servers suitable for archiving data and video footage for the long term.

AIC's products are compatible with industry-leading hardware components, such as drives, host bus adaptors and RAID controllers, as well as software solutions currently used in the marketplace. Thus, you can save time on in-house validation knowing that the surveillance footage storage equipment will work together. This gives you more time to devote to your core business processes, effectively boosting your bottom lines.

In recognition that no two companies will have the same video surveillance security requirements, you can get custom-made products if none of our off-the-shelf products meet your needs.

You will have a team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, firmware engineers and software engineers with decades of experience adjusting off-the-shelf products to make them work efficiently with your applications. You can also have a product specifically designed and manufactured for you from scratch.

When you go with AIC for your storage server needs, you will get a better return on your security system investment while helping to ensure that your facility is protected against vandals, intruders and other criminals.