營邦的高密度存儲系統與JBOD (Just a Bunch Of Drives) 硬碟擴充解決方案,具備熱拔插功能與模組設計,從2U到4U架構皆有選項,最高支援達108顆硬碟。



營邦的資訊安全系列產品符合美國NEBS(Network Equipment Building Sstems)  與FIPS(Federal Information Processing Standard)之最嚴格通訊資安規定,提供專業、全面性防護設計,非常適合用於要求高度資訊安全的應用情境。

營邦的高可用性伺服器支援active-active 組態,提供雙控制器互為備援,每個控制器皆支援獨立的主機板,CPU與記憶卡。


AIC designs and manufactures server and storage hardware, which are the ideal building blocks of a total solution. Our products are used in data centers, media & entertainment, network security, video surveillance, industrial PC and many other applications. To meet different demands, we offer commercial off-the-shelf products as well as OEM/ODM products.

Need help with your product selection? Here are a few quick tips to guide you through the process of selecting the product that best fits your requirements:

  • Enclosure = Chassis without server boards
  • Storage = JBODs
  • Platform = Chassis with server boards
  • Network Security = NEBS and/or FIPS ready platform
  • High Availability = Dual nodes platform
  • Industry Appliance = Full racks with platforms and storage

Still need help with the selection process? Simply contact AIC today to speak to a product manager or a sales representative. Let us know what you’d like to achieve in the total solution and we’ll give our best recommendations. If you also need suggestions for other components, such as memory, drives and add-in cards, we’d be happy to provide additional information based on our approved vendor list.