AICОбзоры по продуктам

Обзоры по продуктам

AIC offers a broad range of server and storage solutions to many industries. Its innovation in product design and quality is unmatched by its competitors, and is proven by industry's professionals through product reviews below.

AIC scores a solid "A" from TweakTown on its Xtore™ MiniBOD SAS JBOD

AIC (Xtore) MiniBOD-T082 8-Bay 2.5-inch JBOD Enclosure
Author: Chris Ramseyer


(The AIC Xtore MiniBOD) was designed from the ground up to be a portable solution. . . (and) is the only product available in this portable, high performance category. If you work with audio or video data at home and at the office, keeping a card in each location will turn the MiniBOD into the ultimate portable storage with transfer rates that in our testing reached as 730 MB/s in ATTO¡­.In the 16k test we actually saw a massive 856MB/s read. .. The write performance of the system is also very fast. Here we see RAID 0 hitting nearly 750MB/s. The real world transfer rate from one partition of the array to another is quite high. Here we see that the MiniBOD is capable of moving data faster than most SSDs are even capable of. . . The sound dampening hardware is really a stand out. . . In an audio environment like a studio an engineer always wants silent storage but making that hardware portable is now possible.

XJ1100 JBOD Review

The AICs XJ1100 is effectively two 8-drive devices connected internally by an expansion circuitry. Four miniSAS connectors on the rear allow dual connections to the controller card and dual connections to other 16-drive expansion chassis. Chaining multiple enclosures together can create some significant storage with blazing speed!


SAS Storage Canister

The BR-28 is a great periperal to have for your next server or for that ultimate gaming system. The compact size and the low amount of power required to provide storage and speed is for the most part untouchable by any other technology on the market today. We will not forget the BR-28 which displayed the OS load and imaging as the fastest this reviewer wittnessed outside of high priced servers. The part that made us sit back and get a good laugh was loading EA's Battlefield 2142 from ISOs in record breaking speeds and then defragging the contrainer faster then our Editor In Chief could pour a drink.