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AIC provides multiple feedback channels so that employees can adequately express their opinions. We also strive to maintain harmonious labor relations by arranging regular labor-management meetings, employee health examinations and activities related to employee rights. If you have any labor relations, salary and benefits, job-related or occupational safety and health issues, please submit your feedback below. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Labor Relations:

  • List any employee benefit plans, continuing education, training, retirement systems, and the status of their implementation, and the situation of labor-management agreements and measures for preserving workers’ rights and interests
    • Employee Welfare Measures

We comply with the Labor Standards Act and related regulations and provide employee group insurance, health examinations and cultural and recreational measures. Our Employee Welfare Committee organizes employee benefits and provides wedding/funeral/hospitalization/childbirth subsidies, continuing education, community subsidies, departmental dinners, etc., and holds welfare activities on a regular basis, such as staff travel and lotteries.

  • Continuing Education and Training

The company and its subsidiaries own internal management and professional training courses from time to time and offer employees the opportunity to participate in training organized by external organizations to provide them with complete training and continuing education.

  • Retirement System

The company has developed the employee retirement plan by the provisions of the Labor Standards Act. The monthly retirement reserve is deposited into the pension account at the Bank of Taiwan according to the total amount of salary. The Labor Pension Act came into effect on July 1, 2005. Our employees may choose to apply the pension provision in the Labor Standards Act or use the pension plan of the arrangement and retain the seniority prior to the application of the rule. For employees who apply the rule, the company’s monthly pension contribution rate is not less than 6% of the monthly salary of employees. For subsidiary employees, pension contribution is based on local regulations in the United States or Netherlands.

  • Labor-Management Agreement and Protection for Employee Rights

We maintain harmonious labor relations by arranging regular labor-management meetings and communicating with employees through emails and an opinion box.

  • List any loss sustained as a result of labor disputes in recent two fiscal years, and during the current financial year up to the date of printing of the prospectus, disclose an estimate of losses incurred to date or likely to be occurring in the future, and indicate mitigation measures being or to be taken. If the loss cannot be reasonably estimated, make a statement to that effect: none.
  • Protection measures for the working environment and staff personal safety
    • Comply with environmental protection, occupational safety and health regulations and other requirements issued by the government, in response to global environmental protection, labor rights, and the zero accident movement.
    • Maintain continuous operation of the environmental management system ISO140001 and improve the environment to enhance the overall performance.
    • Reduce the chances of waste generation and the amount of waste generated by classifying recyclable materials as far as possible.
    • Regular employee health examinations.
    • Regular drinking water examinations. 
    • Elevators are regularly checked for normal operation. Storage of materials in the escape stairway is prohibited.
    • Fire safety education and training.
    • Access card security advocacy.
    • To form an emergency response team for emergency and disaster response, and to notify employees of typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.

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