RMC - Rackmount Chassis

  • RMC-1E


    RMC-1E is an entry-level 1U appliance chassis with 15” depth for space-sensitive applications, such as Network & Security appliance, firewall, VPN, Telephony and military applications. Standard ATX size (9.6” x 12”) motherboard can be populated into this appliance chassis. RMC-1E is a cost-effective appliance chassis that provide lower TCO (total cost of ownership) to IT professionals for higher ROI.  (Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-2A


    RMC-2A chassis is designed specifically for Entry-level server, Computer Telephony and Appliance applications with 17” depth and excellent air flow. It supports a full range of single processor-based ATX size motherboards.  (Power supply is optional. Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-3N


    RMC-3N is designed for entry-level applications where space is a concern, yet riser card or low-profile PCI requirements of 2U are not desirable. Up to 12” x 10.5” ATX or SSI CEB 1.01 compliant motherboards are supported in this chassis.  (Power supply is optional. Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-4S


    RMC-4S is the most basic rack-mount chassis which shows the most resemblance to a desktop computer chassis. It is designed to fit all standard desktop components yet its depth is kept within 20”. Many patented designs make this chassis the best choice in its class.  (Power supply is optional. Motherboard is not included.)

  • RMC-2E


    The RMC-2E chassis is AIC first model focus on Edge-Computing appliance product. Its flexibility of support both front and rear I/O is the biggest feature on ALL application scenarios. The flexible and variable can easily reach through simple change/adjustment on the field. The 450mm depth is easy to implement into all cabinets.