AICManagement Team

Management Team

AIC Organization Chart

AIC Management Team

Title Name Experience/Background
General Manager/CEO Mr. Shun-Ying Liang

Director of Guanghsing Industrial Co., Ltd.

Department of Mold and Die Engineering, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences

Executive Vice President


Mr. Ching-Hui Lin

EVP, EtherWAN Systems, Inc. (Axiomtek Co., Ltd.)

Technical Engineering Department Director, Deutron Electronics Corp.

HMI/PPC Office Director, Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

Product Planning Office Manager, Industrial Products Business Unit, Getac Technology Corp.

Product Planning Department Manager, Computer System Business Group, Umax Data Systems Inc.

Master of Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, New York Institute of Technology

System R&D Office

Vice President

Mr. Feng-Chi Wu

Engneering Office Director, Avdanced Micro Devices, Inc.

R&D Office Vice President, Insyde Software Corp.

Marketing Office Director, Arima Computer Corp.

R&D Department Director, Chaplet Systems Limited

NB Business Unit Vice President, Alpha-Top Corp.

Department of Electronics Engineering, Tamkan University

Mechanical R&D Office

Vice President

Mr. Ching-Chiang Chen

Senior Director, Lite-On Technology Corp.

Director, Digital Equipment Corp.

Manager, Mitrana Technology Corp.

Senior Engineer, Radio Corp. of America

Director, Panasonic Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Culture University

Manufacturing Office

Senior Vice President

Mr. Huang-Jen Chen

Factory Affairs Department Manager, AIC Inc.

Factory Manager, Tong Lay Doo Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sales Representative, Huang Cheng Printing Company Ltd.

Manufacturing Engineering Division, Nanya Institute of Technology