AICBoard of Directors

Board of Directors

Our board of directors and supervisors is composed of professionals with professional background and rich experience, including six directors and three supervisors. The board of directors has supervisory responsibilities for the operation of the company. The chairman of the board of directors is Mr. Liang Shun-ying.

Internal Audit

The internal audit department of our company is an independent unit directly attached to the board of directors. We have one auditor, whose audit scope covers the operation, management, and personnel of the company and its subsidiaries.

Internal Audit Functions:

  • Development, implementation, and reporting of annual audit plans
  • Assist the management in supervising the internal control system to ensure the effectiveness of internal control
  • Be responsible for providing audit-related materials for reporting to the competent authority
  • Report audit findings and improvement results to the board of directors on a regular basis
  • Report audit results to the supervisors on a regular basis