AIC Inc.

Established in 1996, AIC Inc. develops products ranging from industrial computers and system cooling solutions to high-density system solutions. In recent years, we accelerated the expansion of our server chassis to provide our global partners with broader and more dedicated product solutions. To give more added value to our products and services, AIC is focused on Brand-ODM (BODM) to create more profitable opportunities for our customers. AIC pays attention to R&D, manufacturing, delivery services, sales and other aspects, provides “BODM” server-box application solution hardware services, and exchanges information on IT and product development and application with world-class manufacturers. Also, AIC adjusts its global manufacturing and logistics structure, develops processes and real-time services, continuously expands the first-class customer base in Asia, America, and European markets, and actively supplies high-quality information products to every corner of the world.

AIC provides comprehensive services to meet our customers’ business needs

  • AIC Inc. has always been your best partner as a computing system integrator
  • We provide the most flexible and scalable products in the industry to maintain the high competitiveness of leading technologies
  • We control product design and process for complete product/service quality
  • With more than 10 years of continuous innovation and development, we deliver the highest quality products in Taiwan
  • Technology- and service-oriented competitiveness, consistent high-quality innovative technologies
  • We follow the “Total Quality Management” principle and have obtained international quality certifications.
    • ISO 9001 – 2015
    • ISO 14001– 2015
    • Environmental Standard Management
    • RoHS – 6/6 since June 2006
    • UL Certified Manufacturing Facility