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AIC Launched Its New FIPS-compliant System And Unveiled A Successful Network Security Solution Created By Mobile-ID™


Taipei Taiwan, May 11, 2022 —  AIC Inc., (from now on referred to as “AIC”), a leading provider in enterprise storage and server solutions, today announced the launch of TB116-DL, a new FIPS-compliant system ideal for building cryptographic services and security applications for health care, government agencies and financial services.

With years of expertise on designing FIPS-compliant servers, AIC’s network security TB- series servers have been renown in the industry. The newly launched TB116-DL, compliant with the FIPS 140-3, is a 1U server with 20 inches in depth and supports single Intel E-2300 Processor (code name Rocket Lake) Product Family. The system harnesses MAX I/O technology, maximizing the usage of off-the-shelf expansion cards in the server. With expansion options to support two PCIe Gen. 4 network security modules and with its unique mechanical design, TB116-DL is ideal for building network security appliances.

TB116-AN, the previous generation of TB116-DL, has been proven successful and adopted by worldwide enterprises to build solutions that meet FIPS and Common Criteria or other security requirements. The most remarkable solution is the Trust Hub Services Provider Appliance QSCD created by AIC strategic partner Mobile-ID™.

Built on TB116-AN, the Trusted Hub Service Provider Appliance QSCD enables remote signing/digital identity services to be set up and offered to customers. The solution is one of first to market with a Common Criteria EAL4+ certified product which meets the EN 419241-2 Protection Profile – confirmation of providing the highest levels of assurance for Qualified or Advanced Remote Signing. As well the Trusted Hub Service Provider Appliance QSCD is in accordance with certification scheme requirements defined by standards ETSI EN 319 401 V2.3.1 (2021-05), ETSI EN 319 411-1 V1.3.1 (2021-05) and the liveness anti-spoofing capability was tested to the ISO/IEC 30107-3:2017 Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Standard and passed Level 2, providing identity data, document verification and biometric authentication services for electronic identity providers that issue eIDs under eIDAS Regulations, KYC/AML regulatory requirements at level High as being equivalent assurance in terms of reliability to physical presence.

“I am delighted to announce the TB116-DL is added to AIC network security TB- series product family. AIC is committed to provide customers server hardware that supports them to save time and efforts when building appliances to meet highest level of security requirements.” said Michael Liang, CEO and president of AIC. “Trusted Hub Service Provider Appliance QSCD utilizes AIC TB- series product to significantly shorten its application process for Common Criteria certification. This is a great example of showcasing AIC’s design capabilities. We are determined to continue providing products with advanced mechanical design and superior performance.”

“With AIC’s TB116-AN and its profound technical support, we are able to launch the one of first-to-market Common Criteria certified Trusted Hub appliance. This is a major development for all digital identity providers, trust service providers in Vietnam have proved, for the first time, that a remote, automated, biometric ID signing/verification service can deliver the highest possible levels of security.” said Khanh Pham, Founder and CEO of Mobile-ID™. Since 2021, Vietnam has earned a global reputation for pioneering the provision and use of digital identities for its citizens. The Remote Signing service now allows Vietnamese to create/renew a Remote Signing account, wherever they are in the world, without having to visit a bank/agency branch. Using an app on their smartphone, a user simply scans the chip of their ID document using the phone’s contactless reader. They then prove that they are the holder of that document by‘CheckID’themselves with a 3 second scan that checks if they’re the right person, a real person, and present right now, thus protecting against fraud and criminal activity. With a Remote Signing they can authenticate their identity and provide digital signatures online, recognized as being equivalent to handwritten signatures, anywhere in Vietnam.


TB116-DL key features:

  • FIPS and Common Criteria compliant with anti-probing structure, event logging and HSM keys
  • Supports intrusion detection, tamper prevention switches, tamper proof labeling
  • Supports one Intel® Xeon® Processor E-2300 (Rocket Lake) product family
  • With Intel® C256 chipset to provide 5+ years product life cycle
  • Onboard Baseboard Management Controller for system management and IPMI control

Mobile-ID™ Trust Hub Services Provider Appliance QSCD specifications

 Software  Trusted Hub Service Provider Appliance QSCD v1.0 (EN 419241-2   Certified)
 HSM  Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 Se500/Se1500 PCIe (EN 419221-5   Certified)
 Operating   System  Oracle Linux 7.5
 Database  MariaDB Galera Clustering
 Server  AIC-TB116-AN with FIPS 140-3 Level 3 Protection Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6 @ 3.80GHz, 64 GB   ECC DIMM RAM and 1,92 TB SSD

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