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High Density AIC 4U 78-Bay JBOD Tested with Toshiba 16TB Enterprise HDDs


Taipei, Taiwan, July 2, 2020 - 4U top-loading chassis are growing in popularity for storage solutions as they offer the highest density for packing 3.5” enterprise capacity HDDs. Models with 60 drive bays have been used for a while, but now models with more than 100 slots are available. One common problem is that many chassis for more than 60 drives are very long (sometimes more than 1 meter) and unable to fit into existing racks. The AIC JBOD model J4078-01 is only 810mm long and, while offering 78 slots, it’s one of the shortest models in this class and fits into any existing rack.

AIC and Toshiba have worked in partnership to create a free tech lab report. 78 of the latest Toshiba 16TB SATA enterprise capacity HDDs, model MG08ACA16TE, were analysed on function, performance and power consumption by running on AIC J4078-01. As this HDD model also includes a dual expander structure suitable for SAS drives, we also checked the functionality with some 16TB SAS 12GB/s HDDs, model MG08SCA16TE.

Click HERE to download the lab report

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