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AIC Partner News - ANDICO plans to further expand its business in Industrial PC market by partnering with AIC


ANDICO plans to further expand its business in Industrial PC market by partnering with AIC and introducing AIC’s advanced server barebone products into Korea market.

ANDICO is a leading solution provider of RAID controller and enclosure-based RAID products focusing on storage media industry; specializes in storage solution brands including MICROSEMI ADAPTEC, HIGHPOINT, RAIDON, STARDOM, EASYRACK, PROMISE, ATEN and AIO. With its accumulated domain know-how for more than 18 years, ANDICO has been serving the Korean domestic market since 2001 by providing solutions that have high stability and optimized I/O performance.

AIC, a provider of both OEM/ODM and server storage solutions, is leading the industry for more than 20 years. AIC has global operations throughout the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. ANDICO was selected by AIC in 2018 as its official distributor for the domestic market of Korea and will launch a variety of AIC’s advanced server bare bone products.

(from left to right) Mr. Jason Lee, AIC APAC sales lead and Mr. Andy Lee, Andico CEO taking a commemorative photo
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ANDICO CEO Mr. Andy (Ho-Yong) Lee emphasized that signing the distribution contract with AIC will strengthen the partnership between both companies. With this partnership, ANDICO will be able to provide rapid services and deliver AIC products to customers in industrial PCs and in the Smart Factory market which are expanding dramatically.

Mr. Andy Lee said, "AIC has wide selection of product lines, from server barebones to industrial PC-related products. These products are with great qualities and already selected by major players of Industrial PC as OEM/ODM products. So I think AIC products are solid and have many opportunities in future business in Korea. "

AIC APAC sales lead Mr. Jason Lee said, "AIC can customize products to meet your needs. From BIOS customization, firmware modifications to customized chassis for customers’ specific purposes, AIC is capable to make them happen". "AIC has strong software teams and we will do our best to make our customers satisfied."

Introduced as a focused product of AIC, HA201-TP that combining the managing software from ‘E8’, company of Israel, is ideal for the AI market. Besides, AIC SB405-PV providing up to 1PB is very suitable for the surveillance market.

 “In particular, AIC has made a significant progress in the Korean market and expects to capture good opportunities for next five years.” Mr. Jason Lee said. "Korea is well-prepared to revitalize the industry as a whole. There are huge investments in automation facilities and smart factories by government and big enterprises such as Samsung."

"AIC continues to invest in countries in Asia Pacific region, such as Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Israel," he said. "Korea is the biggest market after China, and is one of the key markets for AIC. I would like to introduce a variety of AIC products into Korea in the future." He said.

"ANDICO will provide the best service that puts customer-satisfaction first. With prompt services that based on customer-oriented philosophy, ANDICO provides RAID controllers that have high-performance, excellent-design and powerful-technologies." ANDICO Mr. Andy Lee said.

“With the partnership that based on high-quality product, services and trust, we are confident that ANDICO will realize the expansion plan and grow with AIC on business development."

He added, "Intelligence and smartization are making progresses in all industries, such as smart factories. In Korea, due to the influences of the 4th industrial revolution, the trend is significantly obvious. ANDICO will be a great engine for developing domestic market of industrial automation and manufacturing through providing competitive products. We will continue to do our best to serve the market. "

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