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Please Read this First:

This RMA policy applies to Advanced Industrial Computer, Inc. (AIC) and its subsidiaries, business units and divisions. All products showing signs of modification or usage will not be repaired or credited. AIC maintains the right at its sole discretion to decide whether to repair, credit, refund, or replace the returned product. All RMA numbers are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

If equipment to be repaired was purchased from a retailer, distributor, or reseller channel, contact the seller for service. If the product was purchased directly from AIC, please note the following:

Obtaining an RMA Number
Prior to return your defective unit for a repair, replacement or credit, please visit AIC website and fill out the online RMA form or call your account manager at 1-866-800-0056.

Shipping the Product to AIC
Products must be returned in the original packaging (or packaging providing the product with equivalent protection, Any products returned for repair without the original packaging may be treated as an out-of-warranty repair.) and the RMA number must be clearly noted on the outside of the returned product's box. Deliveries that are not marked clearly with an RMA number on the outside of the packaging will be rejected.

Warranty / Repairs / Replacement
In-warranty repairs of AIC components subjects NO CHARGE for analysis, labor or parts. Depending on the availability of parts, TAT (Turn Around Time) of service might be various. Normal TAT should be within 30 days from receipt of defective unit/parts if parts available in stock and non-FA (Failure Analysis) requested. Customer is responsible for freight cost on shipment to AIC. Customer shall pay freight cost on shipment back to customer site if select designated delivery method. Otherwise, AIC will pay freight cost, with AIC preferred delivery method, on shipment back to customer site. In normal service practice, AIC return repaired unit in "as is" condition.

AIC agrees to refurbish In-warranty unit to "Like New" in resell condition according to customer's special requirement in writing. Refurbish cost is at customer cost.

Out-of-warranty Repairs
Out-of-warranty repairs of AIC components are "best effort" from receipt at AIC, and will be charged labor and components plus shipping cost. Contact RMA department for the most current rate information. Customer is responsible for freight charges to and from AIC. AIC will provide an estimate of total repair charges before repair. Any products returned for repair without the original packaging may be treated as an out-of-warranty repair.

Requests for credit or refund are subject to approval. Credit is allowed only for product returned in good and resalable condition and must be made within 30 days from the date of invoice. Credit will not be issued for OEM/Custom-made part(s) (All products that are NCNR*). All returns not in the original packaging or are incomplete, will be assessed a minimum restocking fee of 20%, which will be deducted from credit amount.

Cross Shipment/Advanced Replacement
Advance replacement is only available for units considered to be in-warranty products. Advanced replacements unit may not be shipped without a new purchase order. Additional extended warranty agreements, if requested, is at the sole discretion of AIC

NTF (No Trouble Found)
All products returned for repair that are determined to be NTF (No Trouble Found), will be charged a minimal failure analysis fee. Contact the RMA department for the most current rate information. Customer is responsible for freight charges to and from AIC.

For all non-RoHS items which are considered end of life as of 07/01/06, we do not accept return for credit or replacement using RoHS version. All non-RoHS items needing repair will be done using non-RoHS or RoHS parts depending on whichever is available. However, they will all be considered as non-RoHS items. For any RoHS item returned for credit or repair/replacement, if non-RoHS parts are found in the chassis, it will be considered as non-RoHS and treated it accordingly

Estimated labor and parts cost will be provided prior to executing any work for out-of-warranty repairs and refurbish.

Upon completion of the services required, an invoice will be issued stating charges when charges are applicable (out-of-warranty and NTF).

Missing Parts / DOA
Claims for incomplete or missing accessories, or damages must be made within 10 days from receipt of the good(s). DOA units must be reported to AIC within 15 working days upon receipt or the product will be considered accepted with no dispute. All returns being identified as modified by customer entitles no credit or refund.

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