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AIC announces Mission Peak be available for PoCs in eShelter’s Innovation Lab


Houten, the Netherlands - AIC Inc., (from now on referred to as “AIC”) today announced its innovative all-flash-array “Mission Peak” is now available for PoCs (Proof of Concepts) in eShelter’s Innovation Lab in Frankfurt, Germany by partnering with Samsung, Mellanox, E8 Storage and Memorysolution. End-customers now can log-in remotely to the PoC platform for testing and benchmarking.

The remarkable increase in data-hungry applications is shaping the datacenters and related industries dramatically. The most IOPS-intensive applications such as financial trading, real-time analytics, and artificial intelligence directly drive the evolution of traditional storage architectures to be more scalable and more flexible. Customers have been craving for solutions that not only maximize application performance, but also reduce the storage footprint in increasingly crowded data centers.

Partnered with Samsung, Mellanox, E8 Storage and Memorysolution , AIC has developed the “Mission Peak” platform which is a high-performance shared NVMe-oF storage solution. With a custom-made AIC backplane that enables up to 36 NF1 form factor NVMe SSDs, “Mission Peak” packs in up to 550TB of usable SSD capacity in 1U sever, which is over 50% more than traditional 2U storage appliances can support. And by using Mellanox Ethernet networking and E8 Storage’s revolutionary software, “Mission Peak” can offer up to 10 million I/O operations per second (IOPS), which is around 20 times more than what traditional all-flash arrays provide.

“AIC is pleased to partner with industry leaders to make “Mission Peak”be available for PoCs in eShelter’s lab. “Explained Michael Liang, the President and CEO of AIC. “This PoC- as-a-service offering allows end-customers to test “Mission Peak” remotely without investing in any hardware or data center space and can cut down the PoC time from months to just 1-2 weeks. Only when customers practically test “Mission Peak” will they understand how powerful the performance is of this innovative platform.”

If you are interested in running a PoC on “Mission Peak” platform in eShelter’s Innovation Lab, please contact

For more information about “Mission Peak” platform, please download the whitepaper HERE